(Sponsored Content) — We’re taking a tour of downtown Asheville in one of the most… unconventional ways possible for Beer City USA. We’re grabbing some friends and taking a ride on the Amazing Pubcycle!

This wonka-style cycle bar seats up to 10 passengers, and sends you and your friends pedaling through the streets, where you can seek out whatever adventure suits your taste.

The pubcycle offers a variety of tour options. You can book trivia tours, pub tours, and even customized private tours. Like Ingles, we’re big fans of local, so today we’re stopping by a few of Asheville’s must-see destinations, starting with Mountain Merch.

If I could describe this place in just 2 words they would be “authentic asheville” Everything in this store is made in Asheville, by over 60 families! They have a variety of local goodies that you just have to come and check out for yourself.

If you have a furry companion that you love to spoil then this next stop is for you. Known as Asheville’s official dog welcome center, the Dog Door is an internationally and locally awarded dog behavior center & outfitter. They offer what they call, beyond dog training programs, helping families and their pups understand their canine habits. And oh yeah, they’ve got plenty of treats here too!

We’re traveling to our final destination on foot, because we’re going right next door for some fun at the Asheville Pinball Museum!

You might remember the time we visited the Appalachian Pinball Museum in one of our previous adventures.

Well, they have another location here in Asheville and it is just as awesome. They have 35 pinball machines that you can play to your heart’s content, including some of the rarest in the world, like the massive 8 foot tall hercules machine.

There is so much to see and do in this city, and the amazing pubcycle is just one of the fun and unique ways you can discover it for yourself!

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