(INGLES OPEN ROAD) — It’s harvest season and as the yields from this year’s crops can already be found in your local Ingles, we’re visiting a place where the fruits are still on the vine and ready to be picked, bottled, and sipped in the most beautiful setting you’ll find anywhere.

Welcome to Shelton Vineyards, located in the Yadkin Valley – North Carolina’s wine country. Shelton Vineyards was founded in 1999 by brothers Charles M. and Ed Shelton. Today their agricultural venture is one of the largest family estate vineyards on the entire east coast. It’s the perfect destination for your weekend adventures.

At Shelton Vineyards, they like to say that fine wine begins on the vine. We’re lucky enough to be here when these gorgeous grapes have reached their peak ripeness and are ready to be picked.

Now, you might not know this, but Ingles supports hundreds and hundreds of local farms right in your own backyard. Shelton Vineyards wine is just one of countless local products you can find on the shelves of your local store. Freshness starts at the local level, and now it’s time to taste the difference.

Shelton Vineyards produces a variety of different wines, and here in the tasting room, we have an assortment to choose from. When you come for your tour and tasting you get to sample 5 of the amazing wines produced here. You also get treated to a behind-the-scenes look at their 33,000-square-foot winery as you learn about their wine-making process.

Being able to learn and experience how these grapes go from the vine to your glass is a fun and interesting look at how modern agriculture is keeping a centuries-old practice alive and well.  With all this walking it’s enough to work up an appetite. 

The Harvest Grill at Shelton Vineyards is a beautiful restaurant to treat yourself to some absolutely delicious food that pairs perfectly with the wine you just sampled and learned about.  This place transports you as you dine among the vineyards and soak up that vacation feeling.

You can even stay right here at the vineyard to really experience an entire weekend getaway right here at Shelton Vineyards.