KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (Sponsored Content) — This episode takes us to the North Carolina mountain town of Brevard, visiting a little place that plays a big part in honoring those who have donned the uniform in service to our country.  Welcome to the Veterans History Museum of the Carolinas.

Founded in 2016, this museum was created with a singular purpose: to honor the men and women from North and South Carolina who served in our armed forces.  All branches are represented here, with stories of combat that date back to World War I. 

One of the newer exhibits features a World War II Willys Jeep.  Here at the museum, they’ve placed it in front of an Army Post Office somewhere in the European theater.  Parked next to it is a Harley Davidson WLA known as, “The Liberator”.

The sense of sacrifice, bravery, and the greater good permeates this place.  While wandering from one exhibit to another you gain real insight and appreciation for the many veterans who have served over the years.

The museum is pleased to welcome families, schools, and groups – with a particular affinity for welcoming groups of veterans themselves who come for camaraderie and a mutual respect for others who have served.  Their stories echo through these exhibit halls – and also online.

Living history stories are available on their website,  And soon some of those stories will also be coming to the museum – part of a new video project that is being unveiled this fall.

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The stories continue with their guest speaker series, and you can learn more about upcoming events on their website as well.  This is a part of ongoing education that the museum brings to their patrons – helping to contextualize an understanding of the men and women, wars and battles that shaped the world we live in today.