KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — A resolution towards owning your own home might just be in your 2023.

With the recent affects of Covid-19 and inflation, the home market has fluctuated more than anyone expected.

2022 became a buyer’s market instantly, and if you were looking to sell, you were in a very good shape. Experts are now saying that the playing field has evened out and buyer’s are able feel relief going into 2023.

Local expert and relator, Julia Hurley, is advocating for homeowners going into 2023. Sellers are offering incentives and other perks towards your next big purchase too.

“We are starting to see a correction in the market but not a crash,” she says. “This is the time to purchase a home in the East Tennessee market. Hurley says that you are not obligated to stay in the financial plan you have set up for yourself. “As consumer cost and interest rates increase, you will still be see an increase in your eye home values over the next four years just simply due to growth. You can even always re-finance later, but you may not always find a home in the area that you need and the price range you need.”

The long and short is— it is time to do it now.

Julia is with Just Homes Executive Reality and can be your personal guide through the homebuying and searching process. She is continuing to track trends and number with interest rates and more. “Even though interest rates have increased, sellers have begun giving seller concessions. Builders are currently giving buyers $10,000 incentives and buyer agents higher commission rates,” she adds.

For more information and to get started today, visit her website or give her a call at 865-237-7328.