KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — Those that face chronic pain or depression, anxiety and other mood disorders have shown to decrease or deplete the connection in the brain/spinal cord that allows cells to communicate.

This factor can leave people feeling hopeless, but 865 Wellness + Ketamine wants to provide that light at the end of the tunnel. Through Ketamine, an FDA approved drug for anesthetic purposes, is believed to help with “regrowth” of the synapses 865 Wellness states.

“Our mission is to bring hope and relief to patients and families alike to live a happier flourishing life,” Jennifer Watson, the owner and founder said.

Patients are given Ketamine through an IV.

“This is for people that traditional medicine isn’t working for them and they feel they have tried everything over and over again,” Watson said.

There are other forms of infusion therapy that 865 Wellness offers from Vitamin IV therapy to NAD+. Based on what each patient is in need of, that can be offered through their different wellness therapy sessions.

During patients’ consultation, depending what they are seeking treatment for, a discussion will be had in regards to how many cluster infusions that will be needed. Usually, the cluster infusions need to be given in a 2-3 week period to be most effective. To learn more, visit 865 Wellness + Ketamine’s website.