KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — Volunteer your time to give advice, guidance, and motivation to someone’s personal or professional life.

Being a role model is always needed for all ages and there are many opportunities to get involved locally in East Tennessee.

The Knoxville Area Mentoring Initiative, best known for its Knoxville Leadership Foundation is one of the ways you can get involved. Their mission is to bring the strongest mentoring programs together and provide help to the community’s most at-risk teens and adolescents.

You can now join in on the mentoring fun and good work with various non-profits in the area including Big Brothers Big Sisters of East Tennessee, The YMCA of East Tennessee, KLF’s Amachi Knoxville, The Joy of Music School, and more.

All interests are accepted including excelling in sports, music, education, and more. KAMI can match you with the perfect mentorship program within these organizations.

Become a mentor and offer great expertise and experience in a job or hobby you already know so much about. Give them a call at 865-524-2774 to start this journey. You can find more information on the Knoxville Leadership Foundation on their website.