KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — The mystery of the zodiac world still lingers today, however, many are proving they are not opposed to it.

From the alignment of planets to the time and date you were born, it can get pretty complicated. One Knoxville astrologer is ready to break it down.

Ever since he picked up a telescope, Noah Frere has taken interest in the world beyond our skies. He has received a masters degree in astrophysics and uses it in his practice. “Astronomy offers more of a glimpse into the mysterious connection between the psyche and the sky above,” he says.

Because of his education and passion, he uses science to guide most of his practices. “My readings provide you with awareness of how the various planetary configurations reflect your psychology and interplay with the world, which in turn informs the practical next steps you might take to address whatever your current concerns might be,” he adds.

About 27 percent of American’s say they believe in astrology, 51 percent say they do not, and 22 percent say they are unsure. According to the American Federation of Astrologers, 70 million Americans read their horoscope daily. This percentage comes from the amount of viewers that visit horoscope sites every year.

If you are not fully on board, that is ok. Many people say they use their horoscope to manifest what they want in life rather than basing their already existing one off of it. “Astrology is a powerful and ancient tool for self-improvement. Using astrology to manifest your dreams is probably easier than you think,” says Astrology blogger, Sierra Vandervort,

Noah is getting you up to speed on each zodiac sign’s horoscope for 2023. Read below to find yours.


Expand your self and personality — be boundless (not boundary-less) until Spring. You have good luck with money, followed by a re-assessment of your values in Fall/Winter.


Higher self-esteem or boost to your income until Spring. You should have increased powers of basic perception of the world, followed by a re-evaluation of those perceptions in Fall/Winter.


Greater community opportunities until Spring. You might see blessings for your home, followed by a withdrawal into your inner life in Fall/Winter.


Feeling internally content until Spring. A reexamination of your relationships with your children in Fall/Winter might follow.


Feeling tremendous creativity until Spring. You might feel a desire to perfect and review those desires in Fall/Winter.


Boost to your health until Spring. Your relationships will be uplifted followed by a re-evaluation of your closer friends in Fall/Winter.


Easier to bolster up others until Spring. You might have a greater focus on intimacy, followed by an amendment to your shared financial situation in Fall/Winter.


Experiencing improved power dynamics until Spring. Traveling the world is highly encouraged. You might revaluate your personal beliefs in Fall/Winter.


A more noble sense of religion or the sacred until Spring. You hit the public spotlight, followed by a second look at what all that means in Fall/Winter.


Supports a change of career until Spring. You might garner the support of allies in pursuing your wishes, followed by a re-evaluation of your dreams in Fall/Winter.


Get more involved in groups until Spring. You might look for the divine in everything, followed by a retreat from the world to pursue mental and spiritual health in Fall/Winter.


Explore your subconscious until Spring. You might need to identity yourself, followed by the question “who am I really?” in Fall/Winter.

Noah offers services that include birth chart readings and couple consultations. His various readings are for daily, weekly, monthly, and annual horoscopes. He address your career, mental health, love life and more through his work.

For more information and to get started, visit his website and Facebook page.