KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — Rum Monday is a band that has been around Knoxville, but after some years a part, they are back together. Their return also came with the chance to give back to the community. After raising funds through their ticket sales for their debut show back in March, the band was able to purchase and donate more than a dozen brand-new musical instruments to Knoxville’s Community School of the Arts.

“It just opens up a whole new world for them (the kids),” one of the band members, Quincy Yates said.

The donated instruments include keyboards, ukuleles, hand-drums and xylophones, which will be put to immediate use within the school’s music and outreach programs, according to the band’s press release. The Community School of the Arts, which serves students from diverse backgrounds and provides access to high-quality arts education, expressed its gratitude for the band’s generosity.

“The instruments in themselves are wonderful and very much needed! But even more so are the realizations that this will bring to these kids that they are not alone on their journey, that there is a community of mindful and caring people all around them who have their well-being, happiness at heart and who are willing to help invest in their futures. That’s priceless,” said Ben Maney, Faculty Piano Teacher within the release.

The band hopes that its donation will inspire others in the community to give back and support local arts organizations. They’re encouraging all who can, to donate their time, resources, or talents, in order to help build a stronger, more vibrant arts community in Knoxville. All of this was made possible by the help of the following sponsors: Maple Hall, Rush’s Music, Noble Knights Construction Services Inc, Lawhorn CPA Group, Sports and Entertainment Media LLC, Aimee’s Bohemian Jewelry & Imports LLC, Plantation Rum.

For more on Rum Monday, visit their website.