KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — Kickstand Community Bike Shop aims to collect and donate bikes to those needing extra ways for transportation.

The non-profit looks to connect those with bike advocacy groups geared towards serving those with limited resources. From collecting bikes to even reusing and recycling bike parts, they can give out

“We try to save every bike, but some are too far gone.  For these, we remove all the good parts and stock them to use on other bikes,” coordinator Paul Laudeman says. Any parts that cannot be used will be donated to those working on art projects.

They work alongside community partners including The Boys and Girls Club of Tennessee Valley, KARM, Beardsley Community Farm, and more that allocate donated bikes to those who need it the most.

Kickstand will be holding upcoming events that will be fun, informative, and beneficial for those looking to ride bikes. On Friday, June 2nd, Kickstand will be distributing bikes to children at the Beardsley Farm’s Art Gala.

They will also be at the Open Streets event Sunday, June 4 in Downtown North Knoxville.

For more information and upcoming events, visit their website and get involved.