KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — Age is just a number to one Knoxville woman as she hits a huge milestone.

Jeanne Fox is celebrating her 105th birthday surrounded by those who love her most.

Fox was born in 1918 and has lived through some of histories most influential moments. She recounts meeting big names such as Nat King Cole, President Harry Truman, and even seeing Eleanor Roosevelt horseback riding in the park.

Fox has four children, eight grandchildren, and many great grandchildren that has not had an updated headcount by her.

She is still sharp as a tack and says she doesn’t feel 105 years young. When asked what her secret might be towards a healthy and long life she says her happy demeanor keeps her young.

“My attitude is always being happy and I feel that is what has kept me still here,” she says.

Her advice to those living in today’s world is to be less reactive and more proactive. “Do not be quick to act and think things through,” she adds.

In 2022, Think Global Health released an article breaking down cities with the highest life expectancy, and what factors contribute to that. Ikaria, Greece, Sardinia, Italy and some parts of California are among that list with the average person living to 100 years old. Each of these cities credit their stress-free lifestyle to their high life span.

Jeanne’s advice to “be happy” supports the mindset of living at peace will bring a longer and more fulfilled life.

To the next 105 years, Jeanne.