KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) – Natural gas is a safe and reliable fuel that is commonly used in our area, and we all must be mindful of how to use natural gas safely. Our friends from KUB stopped by the Living East Tennessee studio to offer some advice if you’re currently using natural gas in your home, or thinking about switching over some of your appliances.

  1. Natural gas appliances should be properly maintained and used correctly, including having them inspected by professionals, changing filters regularly, keeping flammable items away from gas appliances, and ensuring you have working carbon monoxide detectors on each level of your home.
  2. Know how to recognize a natural gas leak and how you should respond by knowing the three Rs.
    1. Recognize the leak by sound, sight, or smell. The rotten egg odor is the most common way to recognize a natural gas leak.
    2. React by leaving the area. Don’t try to find or fix the leak – simply go. Once you are out of the area, call KUB and 911.
    3. KUB will Respond free of charge at any time to perform an inspection and provide you with guidance.

Natural gas appliances are very popular for cooking, heating your home, or just for comfort. If you are thinking about converting to natural gas, KUB’s Natural Gas Appliance Rebate Program will help you save money. Rebates are available for current residential electric customers who convert and electric appliance such as a fireplace, water heater, dryer, heater, etc. to natural gas. The amount of the rebate will vary based on the appliance. Now is a great time to make that change as we head into the colder winter months, so find out more on our website.

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