KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — The Maker City is the greater Knoxville-area community of makers, artists, creatives, and small-scale manufacturers and supporting entities.

One of Knoxville’s more than 400 makers, is Casey Field, an artist who lives and works in East Tennessee.

Since 2018, Field has been pursuing Classical learning in art while also exploring her own voice in art-making.  Prior to that, she spent several years as a lawyer and a few years as a mom to my children when they were young. 

​Fields adds, “I am very fortunate to have learned much of what I know from American figurative artist, Patricia Watwood, who is also my mentor.  Prior to that, East Tennessee artist Seth Haverkamp was instrumental in introducing me to oil portraiture, which is one of my main interests. “

Led by the Mayor’s Maker Council, The Maker City focuses on collaborative partnerships and opportunities to create a sustainable creative community.

Check out Casey Field’s artwork on her website.