KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) – You can’t help but fall in love with him.

Brett LeSueur is known as the ‘KnoxVegas Tribute to the King.’ LeSueur has turned his love for the King of Rock n’ Roll into a way to keep him and his beloved music alive.

Dressing head-to-toe in exact Elvis attire, he embodies this legend. He can dress, sing, move, and talk like the King himself, but has one defining difference between the two of them.

Brett is completely visually impaired. He lost his sight 20 years ago, and has had to learn how to live a quality and productive life with this disability. With a significant disadvantage, Brett has found a way to bring himself and others joy all over the world.

He regularly performs within the country. He has played in Las Vegas numerous times at top venues, but still sings for his local East Tennessee friends. You can book him for your next special event, especially foe all ages.

Brett’s wardrobe is identical of the real-deal. He even works alongside Elvis’s former ring maker to have exact replicas made. Because of this, he has learned his way around the jewelry-making business. Brett also creates his own pieces, and doing so 100 percent blind.

There are also other ways, many are keeping Elvis’s name alive. The recently released biographical picture film, Elvis, has officially hit the big screen. Head over to you nearest theater to see rising actor, Austin Butler’s uncanny portrayal of the man himself.

Brett LeSueur has been keeping the Elvis name alive and hopes to sing at your next event.

To book him, visit his Facebook page or call him at 865-323-2127