KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) – Passion and purpose combine with a local man.

Scott Houston, singer-songwriter, has had his hands full while being a parent.

When his son was 2 years old, he was diagnosed with autism. Over the years, Scott and his family have had to learn what it means to raise a child with this type of special need.

Autism is a condition that affects a person’s verbal, communitive, and speech skills. With this, many are more prone to social phobias, lack of ability to express their own feelings, and so much more.

Houston wears many hats including being the general manager at West Town Mall’s Cinnebarre, and traveling all across East Tennessee as an acclaimed musician and singer. While holding many roles, Houston still keeps his son, Morgan (Momo), his first priority.

While combining his love for his son and passion in music, he created a song dedicated to Morgan and others who are affected by autism.

Listen to “Without a Voice” below.

The song came together with the help of Scott’s friends in the music industry. Karen Reynolds worked alongside Houston to write the song’s lyrics. Mike Snodgrass, as seen in the video, produced the song, while Brian Cook and Bill Kincaid hit the instruments playing the saxophone and guitar.

Living East Tennessee was “Without A Voice” debut moment. The official studio version is soon to be released.