KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) – A local food influencer is back from a trip of a lifetime and is sharing all details with you.

Krista Desocio from her popular blog, Desocio in the Kitchen, just came back from a week-long trip to the land of food– Italy.

She had been selected to fill in as an alternate for a new and popular cooking competition, and despite not being needed, she still decided to make the most of her trip. With several cooking classes and many excursions, Krista is back in the country to share all she learned.

Krista also came by to share 2 easy and simple recipes for an effortless summer in the kitchen. Her number one rule during this hot weather is to limit her use of the stove.

For more information on Krista and her top recipes, visit her website and follow her on Instagram.