KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) – A north Knoxville family-owned business has everything and more.

Gracie Lee’s Gifts and More has everything from great gifts to holiday décor. Gracie, Michelle, and Makenzie Mears opened up during Covid-19, but says business has been better than they have ever imagined.

They carry apparel, gifts, and décor meant for all types of women. They make sure they are inclusive to ensure anyone will always find something they love. All ages, shapes, and sizes are welcome, and that is something they have strived for.

While also offering amazing gifts, they provide professional gift wrapping, giving you the full gifting experience.

Gracie Mears, 20, is currently in nursing school and running Gracie Lee’s. She says the best advice she can give any young person wanting to start a business is to “just go for it!” She said there will never be a right time, and that you have to just start.

Watch below to learn how she got started.

Gracie Lee’s Gifts and More will be hosting their first ever Christmas event. To attend and learn more, visit their website.