GREENBACK, Tenn. (WATE) – When it comes to their meat and produce products at Hyde Farms, you do not have to look far to view the source as everything is grown, raised, and processed locally in East Tennessee.

Hyde Farms goes above and beyond to do meat products right. All meat products are raised locally and processed on-site to maximize their freshness when they reach your table. No steroids are used, what the cattle and hogs consume is all grown at Hyde Farms so they can be assured what goes into your meats. Although the main product at Hyde Farms Butcher Shops are their delicious meats, they also offered a variety of seasonal produce that is also grown and harvested locally. If you care about what you eat, Hyde Farms is where you should go because like you, they care about the quality of their products and take great pride in bringing their passion for beef and pork directly to your dinner table.

Hyde Farms have two locations. Their flagship butcher shop is located at 7431 US-411 in Greenback, TN. They also have a location in Athens, TN. at 413 S White St. Although shipping is not currently available, they are working hard to get the logistics in place to make online ordering an option in the future.

For more information or to be one of the first to order online when it is available visit the Hyde Farms website or the Hyde Farms Facebook Page.