TELLICO VILLAGE, Tenn. (WATE) – At Hyde Farms they cut out the middle man by raising, processing, and selling all of their meat products direct to the community. Locally sourced meat has never tasted so good.

At Hyde Farms things are different and delicious. The journey begins by locally raised cattle that feed on locally grown sources until they reach the age to be processed, no hormones are ever involved. All meat is then processed on site at the Hyde Farms processing facility before heading out to the Hyde Farms stores that sell meat direct to the consumers. In addition to beef Hyde farms also specializes in pork products which go through the same rigorous process as the beef to insure world-class quality. If you want to rest assured that your meat products are of the finest quality, that they were sourced locally and with the care that only a family farm can offer then add a trip to Hyde Farms this weekend.

For more information visit the Hyde Farms website.