KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) – Give your pictures a blast from the past.

Kelsey Dillow, founder of Kelsey Tiara Photo, is preserving a photography that was better known in the 19th century.

She creates tintypes, an old-style type of photo that captured moments such as family portraits in the early days of photography. Kelsey Tiara Photo has been Kelsey’s way of preserving a lost characteristic of a past time. She creates her work through the very lens that were once use.

Kelsey owns three different cameras that are over 50 years old. She owns one Calumet view camera, a Rolleiflex, and a Mamiya RB67.

With this timely and rare equipment, she enjoys capturing the beauty and truth of people from Appalachia.

She believes this is a great way to represent and depict a true image of what being an Appalachian means.

For more information and to have your very own smile captured, visit her website and Instagram page.