KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) – The Zak Saltz Band brings a soulful country sound to the Living East Tennessee studios as this week’s Music Makers.

A short while ago, Zak Saltz found himself is a rough spot that would have broken many people who found themselves in similar situations. But Zak was motivated to make a better life for himself and set out to share his personal trials and tribulations with the world through his music. Amassing a group a remarkably talented performers including Johnny Cox, a blues guitarist that shared many of the roads Zak travelled upon. Together they are creating music that calls back to the old days of the country genre, where every song tells a story, a tale of life in Appalachia.

The Zak Saltz Band will be headlining the Country Music Night at the Kingston Festival, giving the community a perfect opportunity to welcome the next big country act to come out of East Tennessee.

For more information visit the Zak Saltz Band website.