KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — Four Knoxville musicians came together a year ago and created a rock/blues band, known as Necktie Social. They’ve had the opportunity to perform around the Knoxville area and are now counting down the days until their next performance which will be held at The Concourse on April 28.

Necktie Social became a band just about a year ago and has been performing around the Knoxville area. (Left, Joey Torres (Guitarist), Jacob Veal (Bassist), Dusty Owen (lead vocalist), Corey Davis (drummer)).

Dusty Owen, Jacob Veal, Corey Davis, and Joey Torres will take the stage and are the opening performance for Zepparella, an all-female Led Zeppelin Cover band who are all world-renowned musicians.

It’s a show they are all excited about, and it only adds to their growing list of achievements. Necktie Social’s latest single “I’ll Never Learn” has been played on over 100 FM stations worldwide. The band is also working on their second ep, which will be released this summer along with announcements for multiple shows and tour dates they plan to have.

For more on the band and their upcoming performance, head over to Necktie Social’s Facebook page. For tickets for the show on April 28, visit The Concourse’s website.