KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — It’s never just “a bite to eat” when you’re grabbing a meal at Marble City Market. It’s a taste of art and culture wrapped in one with various options to chose from.

Anything from Italian, Korean, Indian to over-the-top burgers can be found at the marketplace, but there are a few new vendors coming to add to the diverse options available.

Guests will also soon be able to enjoy anything as simple as a cup of coffee to authentic Mexican food.

Chick-N-Sack will also be added to the list of vendors.

“They’ll get the best deep fried southern chicken created with my own specialty sauce,” Boo Jackson, former NBA player and the owner of Chick-N-Sack said. “I do have a signature sauce called K-Town Krack, which I created out of my dorm room,” he said.

K-Town Krack Seasonings created by Boo Jackson.

For those craving seafood, specifically Lobster, you’ll want to head to Reagan’s Lobster Roll Shop. A taste of Nebraska is now entering Knoxville with three lobster roll options and a variety of side dishes to enjoy.

“It’s super simple, it’s great, it’s amazing, we let the lobster be the star of the show,” Paul Moody, the operator for Marble City Market said.

Reagan’s Lobster Roll will have their grand opening on Friday, Dec. 2. To find out when the other vendors expect to open, follow Marble City Market on Facebook and Instagram for the latest details.