CLINTON, Tenn. (WATE) — Tennessee ranks second in the nation for opioid use, with East Tennessee having the highest opioid consumption in the state, according to Overmountain Recovery. This is where ASAP of Anderson is stepping in to make sure those in their county are cared for and help is provided when needed.

Their mission is to prevent and reduce substance misuse among youth and adults in Anderson County. For every dollar invested in substance misuse prevention in Anderson County, Tennessee, a savings of $17.73 in public burden spending is realized, the organization states.

The ASAP of Anderson works with middle and high school students across Anderson County to implement strategies for change. They rely on a wide array of partnerships with different community sectors to successfully prevent substance misuse in Anderson County.

The coalition typically meets monthly on the fourth Monday at noon at the ASAP of Anderson office. Walk-ins of all backgrounds are welcome. ASAP of Anderson is not a treatment facility, however they can help connect those in need with resources for treatment.

To learn more, visit ASAP of Anderson’s website.