JEFFERSON CITY, Tenn. (WATE) – This week we are On the Road to Jefferson City where we will discover a beautiful, traditional speak-easy hidden away within the Mossback Distillery.

For the owners of Mossback Distillery, it has always been a dream of their to bring their passion for making quality spirits to their hometown of Jefferson City, Tennessee. Jefferson City is on the verge of a revitalization and businesses like Mossback Distillery are bringing attention to the town’s rebirth. Hidden behind the infamous “Red Door” that lets guests know this is a location of a speak-easy, is the beautifully crafted “The Battery Tasting House”, a callback to the days of classically decorated spaces for the community to come together.

From a variety of whiskeys distilled literally feet away, a custom tailored spirits designed and curated by the talented artisans at Mossback, every drop is a delicious experience. Jeremy Reed, owner and operator of Mossback Distilling goes out of his way to only utilize locally sourced ingredients from the barleys, to the fruit that garnishes their custom cocktails, everything is brought in from local farm and businesses.

For more information visit the Mossback Distilling website.