CROSSVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) After losing his grandfather to COVID-19, 13-year-old, Atticus Abraham found a way to cope through a book his father bought him. It was a book on how to juggle.

Soon, his father taught him how to juggle and Atticus received lessons from other members of his family. Consistently, Atticus has been juggling for over two years.

“When I practice, I try to practice for two hours a day,” Atticus said. “It’s a great feeling to perform and it’s a lot of fun.”

Now he’s known as the Amazing Atticus and has also taken on being a magician.

He’s performed in front of many in the Crossville area and beyond, including Ruth Lukas, who helped get him in front of the community. She met him after he auditioned to be in the local Gong Show, which he ended up winning first place.

“When I saw his audition, I was just amazed,” Lukas said.

Atticus is only continuing to share his talent with those across East Tennessee. To learn more about the talented teen, check out his Facebook page.