KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) – A popular and climbing trend will be just as popular in the new year.

Permanent jewelry is the perfect way to wear your favorite pieces all year long. Whether it is a piece from a loved one or a special treat for you, you can now have an infinite love for this item.

The trend became popular in 2022 with both men and women rocking their permeant pieces in bracelets, necklaces, and more. ACF Jewelry in Knoxville has become one of the first to bring this trend to market. Caroline Farris, founder, is a notable pioneer in metalsmithing, the technique used to create these pieces. She studied this practice in college and has become an expert on metal work and design.

With the use of heat, metal, and her “secret sauce,” Farris can give you the perfect forever accessory in minutes.

Farris created the endless chain and says the community response has been overwhelming. The appeal of permanent jewelry is a staple accessory. From the amount you have, the size, and even finish you can always feel flirty and fun no matter the occasion. Many men and women say it is addicting.

“It is great saying ‘I woke up like this.’ Just getting the bracelet itself is an experience. Her studio is so inviting and makes for a great girl’s day out,” says happy customer, Ginny Cole.

Although they are ready to stay forever, these pieces can break. ACF Jewelry offers free repairs if and when your treasured piece comes apart.

Most of her work is gold plated which means you can rock your jewelry in any condition such as water and heat. Getting this kind of accessory can also be cost effective when looking to wear real gold and silver metals.

“I am positively overwhelmed and am still pinching myself,” exclaims Farris. “It is not fun or fulfilling to do this alone, so I am very grateful that I get to take care of so many clients and their specific jewelry needs.”


For more information and to book an appointment visit her website and follow her on Instagram.