KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — Drowning is the number one cause of preventable death among young children. Baby Otter Survival Swim Academy provides specialized swim lessons to teach kids how to float and safely exit the water.

The Survival Swim lessons teach children how to be capable and confident around water and can start when a child is just 6-months old!

The Academy shared these tips that every parent should take note of to implement the 5 Layers of Drowning Prevention:

  1. Supervision – constantly watching your child around water and always being within arms reach. We encourage parents not to rely on puddle jumpers or floaties as they give a false sense of security making a child believe they can swim.
  2. Barriers – have a 4 sided fence with a self latching gate that is non climbable. Also alarms on doors leading to the pool as well as in the water.
  3. Survival Swim lessons – The American Academy of Pediatrics at one time recommended that 4 year olds learn how to swim but now recommend beginning at age 1 and should specifically learn water competency. That means the ability to avoid common drowning situations.
  4. Life jackets on open water – always wear a coast guard approved life jacket around the lake, river or ocean.
  5. Learn CPR – Most children who survive and drowning are discovered and recovered 2 minutes after submersion. Make sure that caregivers, grandparents or anyone who is caring for your child is skilled in CPR.

While no child or adult can ever be considered “drown proof,” the Survival Swim program is designed to equip children with the necessary skills to self-rescue in the case of an aquatic accident.

For more information, just visit their website.