KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — As Valentine’s Day is only hours away, Julie Loven, also known as the Effortless Girl, she’s sharing some last minute homemade decor ideas that can be done by both kids and adults.

The first idea is a classic. Creating a homemade card is always better than what you can find at a store. Especially when parents are receiving it from their children. It also makes great temporary decoration.

Next is something that could replace those expensive roses or to add to any flower arrangement to help enhance it. By taking a regular no. 2 pencil and getting some cardboard and yarn, anyone can make what Loven calls cardboard hearts wrapped with string (or heavy paper).

Lastly, to help set the mood, Loven shares how to create a heart shaped candle holder that can also be used as chalk. It requires plaster of Paris, some water, and some paint (if you want any other color besides white).

The best part about all of these crafts is that it’s all inexpensive and something for the whole family to do! For instruction on how to make any of these crafts, visit Loven’s website.