(Sponsored Content) — The influenza virus mutates more than any virus known to scientists.

Scientists follow and track how these proteins are changing across the world. Then, every year the flu vaccine is updated to match what’s most likely circulating in other parts so you know you are getting the most accurate coverage that physicians can provide.

“This doesn’t mean you’re never going to get the flu. It does mean you will be less likely to be hospitalized, less likely to die, and less likely to spread it to someone you love,” said Dr. Megan Edwards, infections disease specialist at UT Medical Center.

For the flu vaccine, Edwards encourages people to go to their primary care provider.

But if they are hoping to get the covid vaccine at the same time, Edwards encourages them to go to their community pharmacy.

“Those are most likely to have the bivalent vaccines,” she said. “This includes the original covid and the omicron, so you’ll be able to make antibodies against both types of virus.”

For appointments and more information, visit UT Medical Center‘s website.