KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) – Hola, East Tennessee.

Any major holiday or occasion can make it easy to not eat healthy and fall into bad habit, but personal trainer and certified nutritionsit, Krystal Goodman, is making it possible.

Cinco de Mayo are full of your favorite tacos, chips, dips, beers, margarita, and so much more, and although they are tasty, Krystal stopped by to make sure we don’t get too far off track in our health and fitness journey.

She always recommends going with the best alternatives to your favorite foods and ingredients. Swapping out cheese dip for a non-dairy version, or going with lighter and thinner chips rather than ordinary tortilla chips, are some of the ways to stay clean on this holiday.

No need to worry, you will not have to cut back on too much. The great thing about Cinco de Mayo and all your favorite Mexican food is that their ingredients are already pretty healthy and nutritious. Guacamole encompasses a good fat–avocado and your favorite salsa includes tomatos, peppers, and onions.

For more information on these ingredients and Krystal, visit her website or check her out online.