Clinton, Tenn. (WATE) – From whipped honey to beeswax candles to local honeycomb, Strawberry Plains Honey Co. bring their love for all things bee to the Clinch River Spring Antiques Fair.

For our first “On the Road with Living East Tennessee” special we were welcomed to the Clinch River Spring Antiques Fair in Clinton, Tennessee. But beautiful antiques are not all that Clinton has to offer, enter the Strawberry Plains Honey Co.; a family owned and operated business specializing in all things bee. Their honey is delicious in its many varieties (whipped, regular, flavored, honeycomb) but they also offer bees and queens for those aspiring beekeepers out there.

What many consumers may not realize is the time and effort that goes into every spoonful of honey when it is locally sourced. From beekeeping to harvesting to processing, when you buy a jar or bottle of honey from Strawberry Fields you are supporting a family business right down the road that are doing great work in expanding the threaten bee populations, keeping the East Tennessee community the beautiful place that it is.

For more information or to place an order visit the Strawberry Plains Honey Co. website.