CORRYTON, Tenn. (WATE) – If you did not win the Smoky Mountain Fireflies lottery, there is a local option to experience the magic of synchronized fireflies with Molly Branch Fireflies until June 22nd.

Fireflies are well known throughout East Tennessee but with them being incredibly rare elsewhere, large groupings of these glowing flyers are a sight to behold. For years the go to location was in the Smoky Mountain, the event becoming so popular that today you have to be a member of the friends of the smokies, submit for a lottery, win, then pay for entrance.

To cater to those in the community that still want to experience this rare occurrence but are unable to travel to the smokies or did not win via the lottery, enter Molly Branch Fireflies. Organized by Ken Bennett in memory of his late wife, Ken and his family welcome the community onto their little slice of paradise to experience synchronized fireflies, the mysterious blue ghost fireflies, and the “Heebie Jeebie” fireflies all while relaxing alongside a creek that runs through the Molly Branch property.

The Molly Branch Fireflies run until June 22nd, for more information or to purchase tickets visit the Molly Branch Fireflies website.