KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) – A hotel experience unlike any other is making it to the small screen.

The Graduate Hotels are all over the country offering an experience dedicated to various college towns and their history. Graduate Hotels can be found in the state of Tennessee in Nashville as well as Knoxville.

General manager of the Knoxville location, Kirk Figgins, says these hotels are a more unique experience than any other hotel.

“What the graduate does is it tries to embody the spirit of the university, or the town it sits in,” said Figgins.

The Graduate Hotels made its’ debut on the TV show, Handcrafted Hotels on the Magnolia Network. The show features how each one of these hotels was designed and the inspiration behind it. The episode discussing the Knoxville location features Peyton Manning and the influence he had on the hotel.

Knoxville’s location offers a restaurant named Saloon 16, a popular hang out and viewing spot for UT games. Within the restaurant and hotel itself, the Graduate Hotel in Knoxville features real artifacts and memorabilia from Manning himself.

While you are traveling within the state, stop by the Graduate Hotel in Nashville. This location follows the story of music star Dolly Parton. As you increase elevation in the hotel, you will be following the artist’s walk through Nashville. When you reach the top, you have arrived at the Dolly Parton suite.

If you would like to follow along the story behind the Gradate Hotels, visit the Magnolia Network’s website, or stream it on Discovery+.