KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) – Decades of history are being remembered on President’s Day.

Local professor and author is bringing his passion and education of our present and past president’s to you.

Timothy Holder has written several books taking readers through the history and personalities of each United States of America president.

His latest book, Washington was a Dancer, Lincoln was a Wrestler” was written for children to learn more about our histories most famous figures. His book is currently available on Amazon and is full of interesting facts and surprising stories of each president, including current President Joe Biden.

Holder says his interest in leadership has shaped his fascination with presidential psychology and history. He regular speaks to schools, civic groups, churches, and businesses as a public speaker and presidential historian.

His book Devotions with Presidents allows him to combine his faith with his growing education on American history. “I give talks about how early presidents handled adversity and what we can learn from them and how faith can be taught through our country’s leaders,” Holder says.

For more information on Timothy and to book him for an event, visit his website.