KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — Taking care of our pets is a top priority, and keeping them healthy is a must. Just like humans, what food we allow to enter our body can determine a lot when it comes to health. It’s the same for animals, which is why Chew Dat Foods in Knoxville wants to provide pet owners with food options that will help keep their animals healthy.

Cancer is the number one killer of dogs and seizures are becoming more and more common.  Chew Dat Foods can’t promise to prevent cancer or seizures, but they state that they make their food with the finest ingredients possible in an effort to build healthier dogs.

Chew Dat Foods’ formulas have been developed and tested on their own dogs and cats as they are dedicated to breeding better and healthier pets and proper nutrition. For more information, visit Chew Dat Foods’ website.