The Invisible Fence Brand fixes any headaches your pet can cause

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Got a pet that’s always somewhere they are not supposed to be? Whether it’s a dog in the trash can, or a puppy chewing on shoes, the Invisible Fence Brand said they can be the solution to your problem.

“Any headaches that your pet can cause, we can cure it for you,” John Miller, General Manager of the Knoxville Invisible Fence Brand, said.

The Invisible Fence is a trademarked product that combines boundary technology to prevent pets from entering areas of the home or yard they should not be in.

The technology includes indoor shields that emit a radio frequency that talks to the dog’s collar.

Demonstration dog, Hattie, can be seen wearing her invisible collar, and not coming near the places that have been marked off with the Invisible Shield by her owners.

“It’s kind of a hard thing to demonstrate, because the product is technically invisible,” Miller said, “but as soon as Hattie enters the field, or whatever boundaries you have set for the indoor shield, the collar will activate and it’s activation is simply a harnessed static correction.”

Miller said once the pet enters an area they should not be in, they will feel the same sensation humans feel when they encounter a static shock. Pets will not be harmed or injured, but rather reminded they should not be in a certain area of the home.

The Invisible Fence Brand offers several products to keep your pet where their supposed to be at all times. These products include:

  • The Invisible Fence Brand Micro Shield

  • The Invisible Fence Brand Shield

  • The Invisible Fence Brand Outdoor Shield

  • The Invisible Fence Brand Fence

  • The Invisible Fence Brand Collar

  • The Invisible Fence Brand Doggie Door

All of the Invisible Fence Brand products come with training from the company on how to best train the owners and the pets for using this technology inside of the home.

Miller said any and all of your pet needs are customizable, including creating different rules for different pets.

The Invisible Fence Brand will be present at the following pop-up shops and events around the Knoxville community during the fall:

Bark In the Park


Furry Fall Fest

Miller encourages viewers to come out and see first hand all of what the Invisible Fence Brand can offer, and see if they can cure any of your pet headaches.

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