KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — It all started with a dream. Femeika Elliott, who started Meik Meals, had a vision about the next steps she would take in her career. After winning Knoxville Entrepreneur Center’s, ‘What’s the Big Idea?’ pitch competition, The Lotus Program Experience was born. Her dream became a reality.

Femeika Elliott giving her pitch at KEC’s competition back in 2022.

The Lotus Program is what Elliott describes as a local meal service and wellness program for mothers prenatal and post birth to include women whom experience fertility and womb ailments. Her services offer a wide variety of care. It’s a passion that formed through her own experience.

“After recovering and working through trauma while I was in college, I realized that there were certain things that I needed during that time. Especially during that time of grief and loss,” Elliott said. “I realized how food impacts our mood, mental health and of course our womb,” she said.

Now she is able to help other women through food and herbalism; something Elliott wishes she had during her time of need.

“As women, we are often forgotten about and we want to tend to everybody but ourselves and we put ourselves last. I’m here to put women first all across the board,” she said.

For more on The Lotus Program Experience and Elliott’s story, visit her website.