KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) – An acronym that can save a life.

As a part of National Stroke Awareness Month, it is important to brush up on some important life-saving tools if and when we might be around someone suffering from a stroke.

The American Heart and Stroke Association has come up with an easy way to think hard and quick in these moments


Look out for these signs as followed, facial drooping, arm weakness, speech difficulty ,and time to call 911.

Monday, May 16 to Friday, May 20 is EMS Appreciation Week. These front line workers are some of the first to interact with a patient, while also having to make very critical decisions in a timely manner.

Emergency Medical Service men and women are trained and ready to step in if a stroke is being presented.

For more information, risk factors, and prevention tips for a stroke, visit the American Stroke Association’s website.