KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — The 30th Annual Grainger County Tennessee Tomato Festival kicks off tomorrow, July 21st through Saturday, July 22nd. It will include music, entertainment, and of course the world-famous Grainger County tomatoes, making it one of the largest free festivals in East Tennessee.

Anthony Carver, Extension Agent and County Director with the UT Extension and Grainger County Tomato Festival Board, explains that tomatoes are huge for the economy. Since Grainger is a rural county with limited industry, it’s great that the red fruit can boost the economy.

Today there are over 650 hothouses in the county and 500 acres of field crops mostly tomatoes which bring in $10 million in sales annually.

According to Carver, Tennessee is 5th in the nation for tomato production.

To learn more about the world-famous Grainer County tomatoes, check out the Festival’s website.