KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — The United Way of Greater Knoxville has a 100-year history of uniting people and resources to strengthen communities and solve systemic issues.

They work to provide stability and equity for education, economic mobility, housing, and food.

“Our food systems initiative seeks to create an equitable food system rooted in our community,” says Director of Food Systems, Kimberly Pettigrew.

They know that those experiencing food instability often also struggle with housing, childcare, healthcare, transportation, mental health, and more. Because of this, they ensure that all ages and demographics have access to an equitable, local food system. By bringing together food system stakeholders, local residents, and more, they are able to bring their initiative to life.

To help better serve those who might be faced with food insecurity, they are conducting a community food assessment, to determine who and how they can help. The assessment is in conjunction with the Knox County Health Department, the Community Food Security Advisory Committee, and Three3.

Community Food Insecurity Assessment

They will soon use these results to come up with a community food plan for Knox County residents.

For more information and assistance, visit their website or call them at (865) 523-9131.