KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) – At locations such as the Historic Ramsey House, Vintage Baseball puts a historical twist on our national past-time.

Vintage Baseball is a celebration of a different era in the sport and there is no better location to host these historical baseball games than the Historic Ramsey House. Ramsey House offers a wide variety of events throughout the year from markets to reenactments. You can watch a double header this Sunday, both games are free and open to the public.

Although the league prides itself on approaching the game in a gentlemanly fashion, this fast-paced version of baseball is anything but slow. Without the pitching duels that slug down today’s game vintage baseball is played quickly with most games run total reaching into the teens and twenties. There is also a substantial equipment difference as these players do not use baseball mitts instead catching the ball, or “onion” or “lemon peel”, with their bare hands.

For more information visit the Historical Ramsey House website and the Tennessee Association of Vintage Baseball website.