KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — The viral UT Security guard is back at it again by wowing thousands of Vol fans all over the country.

Michael Galyean, best known for his viral flash dance moment that happened at a UT football game in October 2022, is taking his dance moves to the basketball court, only this time, he had some company.

Since then, Michael has gained international popularity, but he never forgets where it all started. He is using his platform to spread kindness and acceptance, especially to the future generation.

“If someone holds open the door for you, you hold it for the next person,” he says.

Michael knew it was time to bring back his alter ego, Dancing Blue Shirt Guy, but said it was time to create opportunity for those wanting to follow in his footsteps. He recruited men of all ages within the dance community to create another viral sensation. Dancers and instructors from studios such Knox Dance Works and Fusion were excited to be a part of this fun moment.

“I thought, wouldn’t it be fun to have a bunch of security dancers playing a part in this,” Michael mentioned.

13 men and young boys joined the Vol dance team once again for a feel good moment during the UT vs Auburn game. Fans were teased all throughout game as Michael stood on the sidelines “patrolling” the court. The crowd stayed in anticipation until the 2nd quarter when the lights went low and music dropped.

The nerves were low and the excitement was high for both the men and young boys. The young boys who joined Michael on the court were Roman, 10, Will, 10, Yusei, 9, and Colton, 9. While a performance in front of a crowded stadium might seem daunting for some, all the dancers took it in perfect stride.

“I’m very happy your here,” Michael said to his fellow dancers. Roman, 10, responded, “you picked the right men for this.”

Michael Galyean and team posing with Vol dance team during rehearsals.

We spent all day with Michael following through the whole day and performance. Tune in to WATE on Monday at 3 p.m. to see the whole day that led up to the moment everyone is talking about.