WARTBURG, Tenn. (WATE) – From hiking to history to Irish road bowling, Morgan county is a gem nestled into the rolling hills of East Tennessee.

There is so much to do in Morgan county that you may find yourself wanting to stay a while to soak it all in. From major events such as the Tennessee Mountain Laurel Festival, that attracts visitors from across the nation, to beer crawls that will introduce you to thriving craft beer scene, there is something for everyone in Morgan county. A unique past time that is taking off with the local residents is Irish Road Bowling, a laid-back sport that involves rolling a small cannon ball down a country road. Clearly Morgan county is a special place that invites travelers from around the world to experience the hospitality of East Tennessee.

A favorite activity for locals in Morgan County is hiking the beautiful landscape that they get to call home. From all over the region outdoor enthusiasts flock to Morgan county to explore their many hiking trails and camping spots. The pursuit has become so popular that two local residents have formed a Facebook group, Hike Moco, that has amassed over 1,400 followers.

One of the many projects currently underway in Morgan county is the revitalization of the Historic Tanner Store. This once popular meeting spot for the community has fallen upon hard time over the past few decades but the team at the Morgan County Tourism Alliance have been hard at work rehabilitating the old building to its former glory, furniture and fixtures included. this gorgeous space will open to the public on April 22nd.

For more information visit the Morgan County Tourism Alliance website which can connect you to more information on Hike Moco and the Historic Tanner Store revitalization project.