MORRISTOWN, Tenn. (WATE) – Hamblen county is making an active effort to become a vacation destination and with Morristown leading the charge, exciting things are happening in Hamblen County.

It is difficult to talk about Hamblen County without mentioning Morristown within the same breath. Morristown is leading a valiant charge to restore the community and welcome tourists from all over the world. From bass angler championships, to renaissance fairs, to being named the disc golf capital of Tennessee, Morristown is growing its recognition and reputation at an impressive pace.

One of the crown jewels at the center of the Morristown renaissance is The Rose Center, a historic building that had long since fallen into disrepair before a revitalization that has since turned the structure into a community space that celebrates the cultural inclusion of Morristown. From dance classes to art exhibitions, The Rose Center plays host to a number of artistic endeavors and welcome residents and visitors alike to share in Hamblen County’s rich history.

One of the many offerings at The Rose Center is the reoccurring Appalachian Renaissance Faire that took place this past weekend. Although this lively event may have passed by, this event takes place twice a year in addition to a variety of other events. Visit The Rose Center website for additional information.

For more information on Morristown and Hamblen County visit the Morristown website.