KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — Healing Hearts, a couples and relationship counseling center, uses research-based therapy to help couples achieve bonding and healing.

For people who are struggling with forgiveness, intimacy, and connection, Healing Hearts provides a solution by utilizing a process called ‘Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy.’

Healing Hearts says, “We use Emotionally Focused Couples therapy, a scientifically, research-based form of therapy that has consistently shown to help couples achieve long-term healing and bonding in their relationship. We walk couples through the process of understanding the negative dances they get caught in and help them understand the emotions that underlie their reactions to each other that get them stuck in a negative feedback loop. We help create a safe and non-judgmental environment in the counseling office so that couples can begin to turn to each other and communicate in ways that bring clarity, understanding, and closeness.”

If you are struggling to feel securely connected with your partner, or you’re feeling critical, and demanding, or you are poking at your partner to get a reaction because you feel isolated and misunderstood, you may want to consider couples therapy.

To learn more about Healing Hearts’ unique approach, check out their website.