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Your Stress Erasing Help Is On The Way As We Celebrate National Stress Awareness Day

KNOXVILLE, (Tenn.) WATE - Yes whether it's work- school - keeping up with your crazy busy schedule - your kids - stress can overcome your life. Today is actually National Stress Awareness Day.
So we're taking a positive spin on this - looking at ways you can de-stress...
How about grabbing some crayons and coloring.. Research shows coloring is the best alternative to meditation and helps relieve tension and anxiety. It also unlocks memories from childhood.
. Still stressed? Well buy some oranges.. Another study shows  the smell of an orange relieves stress and eating one can actually reduce your stress by more than 70 percent. 
and if your stress level  is high while at work.. Talk a quick break and walk outside.. Research shows physical activity encourages the production of endorphins other wise known as the feel good hormone in the brain, so a quick exercise break will make you less stress and happier.. 
Or How about a free scalp massage..Our friend Schylar Long with Knoxville Beauty Collective explains! 

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