KODAK, Tenn. (WATE) — The Sevier County Public Library system is highlighting a very special supporter this month for her birthday.

Emma Ruth Catlett is turning 101 years old on Feb. 10. The former teacher believes having free access to books can change lives.

“Ms. Emma Ruth is special, she is really a treasure for the library, she’s a treasure to the friends and she’s a treasure to the community,” said Rhonda Tippitt, director of the Sevier County Public Library.

The library says Catlett has been an advocate for education in the county for decades. She was a charter member of the friends of the library and helped collect funds to start the current library system in Sevier County. Catlett also has deep routes in the Kodak community.

To celebrate, the library is asking people to donate just a dollar or more to any of the three libraries in the county. This money will go to fund the new Kodak branch library building. The current building is ready to be retired and according to Tippitt, the new building will have meeting space, event space and areas for every age group.

“At 101, she feels like she’s got everything she needs in life but seeing this new library built is so important to her. And we are really excited that we’re getting started on the project because we want her to be here to walk in the doors when it opens,” said Tippitt.

The donations will be accepted throughout the month of February.