MAYNARDVILLE (WATE) – The Union County Sheriff’s Office says two bodies were found inside a house that was reported on fire Thursday.

Sheriff Billy Breeding says the bodies of Danny Munsey, 54, and Teresa Munsey, 50, were found inside 392 Circle Drive after they were called to a fire there around 11:30 a.m.

Nancy Smith has known the couple for decades. The Munsey’s were parents and grandparents. She says he was a welder, and she was a housewife.

“They were good people. I know Danny would do anything for you and Teresa would too. They were very nice to everybody,” Smith said.

People in the area say the couple had run into some financial trouble recently. The Union County sheriff says right now he can’t comment on a cause of death, or a cause for the fire.

Sheriff Breeding says that when crews went into the home, they weren’t entirely sure if the couple was dead or not.

“Once the fire department made entry into the house, they located both bodies in a bedroom. With the confusion of the fire and the smoke, they brought both the bodies outside,” Sheriff Breeeding explained.

Fire crews put the fire out before any major damage was done to the home. The bodies will be taken to the UT Forensic Center for autopsy. That will tell them more about what happened at the house.

Smith says she originally thought the house was empty when she heard about the fire.

“It was a shock because the house was on fire. We didn’t know anyone was in it. It hurt every one of us. Everyone here is in shock,” Smith said.

The cause of the fire is under investigation. Tennessee Bureau of Investigation is also assisting.