STRAWBERRY PLAINS (WATE) – One dog was shot dead and another injured at a home in East Knox County Tuesday, but the dogs’ owner and the man accused of shooting them have different stories about what happened.

“It breaks my heart,” said Whitney Frey, the owner of the dogs.

According to a report filed by the Knox County Sheriff’s Office, Frey called deputies around 7:30 a.m. Tuesday to say her dogs had been shot by her neighbor Craig Spalding. She said Spalding shot her male brown and white hound mix named Hunter and her female black and tan German Shepherd named Charlee when she let them out to use the bathroom.

Frey said she was calling for the dogs and was around 40 feet from Spalding’s property when she heard three gunshots and saw the dogs running from her neighbor’s property.

“As soon as he got to my feet, I looked down and he was covered in blood. And as soon as he got to the tree behind me, he collapsed,” said Frey.

Charlee had an injury to her leg.

Spalding says he woke up to a commotion in his yard and saw the two dogs attacking his rabbit pen. He says he yelled at the dogs to get them to stop, but they ignored him. He says one of the dogs then growled at him when he approached the pen, so he shot at the dogs a couple of times to run them off.

“I’m sorry that I killed a neighbors dog, but I’m not sorry I protected my animals,” said Spalding.

No charges will be filed in the case as officials say no laws were violated.