KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) – For 30-years, Dwain Covington and his wife have loved living in their home – just not when it came time to pay their KUB bill.

“Well every time you get the bill your attitude changes because you realize this is not in my budget, I’m going to have to take away from something else just to keep the lights on,” the East Knoxville homeowner said.

“$525 a month! Yes, it’s in the winter-time,” Covington in reference to his bill for his three-bedroom, 1,200-square-foot home.

“I know people who live in a six-bedroom house with five bathrooms and paying less on their utilities than I do.”

The Home Lift program and KUB’s Round It Up program help to weatherize homes for low and limited income homes in Knoxville. The program has raised more than $3 million and weatherized 400 homes as of Thursday.

“A lot of folks are really in need of it. Our waiting list is 3,000 folks and so we’re really wanting to serve everybody we can with this program,” KUB CEO and President Gabriel Bolas said.

“I needed new windows, I needed a new heat and air system,” Covington added.

KUB did all that plus added new ductwork and attic insulation.

“That means cha-ching! I’m savin’ money,” Covington said. “Ohhh it’s dropped – in the wintertime, it’s dropped hundreds off my bill, each month.”

“KUB exists to serve its customers, and we mean that by helping our customers when they need help and those folks who have homes that are older, inefficient, we know that energy burden is a big part of their life and we feel compelled,” Bolas said. “Our customers are the ones who contribute to it, so we want to thank our customers because it doesn’t happen without their rounding up the dollars on their bill.”

For tips with weatherizing your home, KUB says its experts can walk you through the steps to save energy over the phone or even come out in person, all at no charge.